I was born on 27th November 1973. 

I am a multimedia artist.

I am not a bourgeois. My ancestors were countrymen and tailors.

I pay respect to G-D. Please read ADONAI.

I was used to write poems in my mothertongue (2001-2013: rejected phase; 2016-2021: the only phase I want to be read).

I am no more used to write poems in my mothertongue.

My only Italian mentor was Edoardo Sanguineti. 

I am a multimedia artist in AnimaeNoctis duo. 

My whole art life before AnimaeNoctis is but an adequate preparation to the art life in the duo.

I do not trust any totalitarian behaviour/belief/entity. Remember that «only a Sith deals in absolutes».

I am vegetarian.

I do not belong and I never belonged to any political party. Sometimes I show my nudity to be credible as a communicator. Sometimes my nudity honours people who risk their lives or decided to be more radical. I take this little risk to honour the great risks they take. 

I show my body and my body is shown because my body feels pleasure. It feels your pleasure too: that's sex.

I do not claim any educational qualification. Of course I have a qualification. I had it.

I think Avantgarde can be an amuseable Factory.

I love the entertainment world and I have always loved it. I love the fashion world as well.

I think my body is the first test animal to experiment with. This experiment is called performance art. It is a part of Avantgarde. Performance comes and undoes toxic inner obstacles, now. 

I have double dappled standards, because the situation we call world is dappled.

It takes caution not to get poisoned and not to poison others. 

My art activity does not want to be the rampant witness of any system decadence. My art belongs in a material world. I trust the goodness of world matter. I do not want to serve as the mapper of any decadence.

Your observation affects reality. Identity affects reality too. Your observation affects my identity too. 

My mask is not my label. 

I have experienced a body that has been sick, healthy, fat, thin, muscled, diagnosed with depression and eating disorders. I have experienced plenty of bodily possibilities. My different bodies look like parts of an illusion I can barely explain. I am not the plain mapper of such things. As of now, this is the 2D me that sums up the 3D one.