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E-BOOKS by Silvia Marcantoni Taddei: BORN IN NAY   métAMOURphose   ALIEN APOLLO APPAREL


July 2021: AnimaeNoctis artwork in Bologna, Cheap Festival

October 2021: Love & Chaos, The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow (catalogue The Alchemy Experiment, 2021)

October 2021: Queer Photography, The Ledward Centre, Brighton

May 2022: LGBTQIAPK!, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rome

April 2023: La Collezione Queer II, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rome

August 2023: IV Mail Art JazzÁndaluz, Carnicerías Reales, Priego de Córdoba

August 2023: Speak Up, Be Heard, Alliance Française, Ibadan

October 2023: Corpologie VIOspizio Giovani Artisti, Rome

April 2024: Adam & Evidence, Atelier Blumentopf, Vienna


January 2024: «NINABYRON» #9 special issue: CARNIVAL

Spring-Summer 2021: Vague Vagrant Vagina, «Feminist Spaces», 4.1, pp. 60-63

October 2021: Oh, Alcove's DNA, «Love and Chaos», The Alchemy Experiment, 2021, pp. 87-88

October 2022: Vague Vagrant Vagina, «SEAS' ZINE: Queer Photography», SEAS, pp. 108-109

April 2024: Animerotics (private edition)


6 photos from Frank'n'Further series are awarded as Best Cosplay at Video Nasties Genre FilmFest, London (October 2023)