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In conclusione: il mondo è grande e terribile e complicato, e noi stiamo diventando di una saggezza che diventerà proverbiale. 
Antonio Gramsci, Lettere dal carcere, 18 maggio 1931

14 gennaio 2019
This is the Italian diary: here, like a book. Right now.

03 gennaio 2019
My libido? Again? Forget about it.

29 dicembre 2018
I made this stuff - it's music - for a feature. But this is neither the beginning nor the final goal. We (we?) are prout to present this stuff. And we (we?) prod such stuff: https://soundcloud.com/massimo-sannelli

24 dicembre 2018
It's kinda a diary's diary. I love it [it?]. The Deep North I'm living in wants me to pay more attention to the daily practice: that's why a city calls and you're a professional, aren't you? Merry Xmas, of course. Merry Xmas & bright movies.

7-11 dicembre 2018
The gist of my work is here: in this diary, in my daily job & daily bread. It takes time to understand my dream (or my rude task). I'm not comfortable with the idea of comfort: it's time to up the ante, isn't it?

4 dicembre 2018
Milan wants me. Milan wants me to understand the whole lucky moment I try to deserve.

21 novembre 2018
To embrace another city, another language and a new country is the reality I was longing for. 

12 novembre 2018
Lots of music (I made it). Very fond of (I want it). Always on the move (I need it). This is Milan, e.g. Always hungry (it's me). Positive thinking about dropped things. But I try to be a tidy man, of course. The cinematic boss wants me to write a cinematic comedy after a cinematic tragedy: ok, let's be the versatile ones, again. The scary energy is always on the move and it's always hungry. There are also many memories: this stuff is right for writing. I'm coming, Sir.

31 ottobre 2018
Good afternoon, China. I know you're used to reading me. Thanks. 

27 ottobre 2018
Come, my songs, let us speak of perfection —
We shall get ourselves rather dislike.

EZRA POUND. Of course. This is the translation we deserve. Do you spear the Italian language? Read Pound: he pounds the door to enter. Read Shakespeare. He has a spear. Be happy: your favourite writers have gorgeous weapons. Prods and Actions!

Miei canti, su, diciamo perfezione —
Diventeremo un certo dispiacere.

21 ottobre 2018
All of a sudden it takes a cunning idea to share. There's a harvest to have and do not forget it (the harvest is unforgettable). The director is talking about Prods & Actions. I myself made this odd battle cry for him (but I talked to myself, as usual). The strategy I deserve is the action I serve, of course. Let me repeat that "It's Autumn now and I am not in a mood to fool around, and so on. The bodily evidence of my workshop is always on the move. Fair enough: let's be more than realist, and that's why I have the bloody diary and a daily maze".

11 ottobre 2018
All of a sudden it takes an extra in the scene to shoot: it's me.
The whole diary is like a weird maze. It's me. Its fucking Italian part starts again from the end. It's always meOK, let's go: it was a cold Spring day and I was not in a mood to fool around. I had an eerie e-book to write (poems about God, the Brain & the Mind) and 3 or 4 screenplays to edit. It's Autumn now and I am not in a mood to fool around, and so on. The bodily evidence of my workshop is always on the move. Fair enough: let's be more than realist, and that's why I have the bloody diary and a daily maze.

29 settembre 2018
The Neon Demon is a school or a trick? Is it theatre or a mockumentary? A pure heathen dream? A page whose title is "read me"? (read me and stop it).

24 settembre 2018
An interview is kinda the best thing a skilled trickster can do.
Nettle ink is required to express the bloody inner garth. Here you go

19 settembre 2018
Ten days mean hard work and ears to hear the complete file. Well, I make this stuff and other awful things: feel free to reckon on it, guys, to know it.

9 settembre 2018 [with Cesare Pavese]
It is kinda being strong people: you can think "stop witches", "lovely bitches will be always wellcome" out of a strange new love. It is kinda filmmaking on the best mountains.

26 agosto 2018
I have seen again the Odd House Lost in the Wood. A [Mad] [or Cunning] Man made it, because he was very selfish or hated the human kind [he was quite right], so he got rid of our own kind [can I really distance him? Silly question]. His Odd Masterwork is strong and Nature cannot corrupt its cement [at the moment]. Beautiful things are loved out of that awful badass attitude I've talked about.
12 drawings in 47 hours.
12 pieces of music: my dear béloved harvest.

17 agosto 2018
I wonder what kind of Śānti have I had. There's a Silence filled with Pride and Sorrow. 
It is beyond belief, in addition to its beauteous monopoly, of course.

12 agosto 2018
There is a badass character and a huge maze to manage. There is the art of hiking - right, left, up, down - and a maze to solve, with few clues: the trail blazes if you hike. I work or study or walk, every day. No oversights, that's why you'll feel free to call me, in order to make your new movie. Problem solving, badass attitude and culture are ingredients for lofty projects. 
This note is but a pure advertising, isn't it? Prod your product again.

9 agosto 2018
I'm always trying to get the best out of Sagittarius. I can't say I'm "a good hag", like Roberto Benigni as a cheater in an odd feature you should watch. No, the "good hag" is definitely out. Take a leaf out of Jack Nicholson's book. Stop mentioning Carmelo Bene. So over and out.

7-8 agosto 2018
The Thin Red Line. No mistakes, no jokes, no playthings like the silly rocking horse and my post-fascist school. Childhood is over, thank God. You can have everything if the director is The Director, but such plenty can make you sick, dear Italy.

5 agosto 2018
I did not think that p. was a lizard: p. is neither a person nor a reptile, but is an honourable manner. It's skillfulness and discipline. I liked so much delving in it and I was such a skilled delver, like a fictional killer. That's why I gently killed me. I went with the flow, of course, but p. disappointed me. Play it cool, you Friends, Romans, countrymen, bonkers guys, blond haired readers, holy Genoese bourgeoisie, patriots, former partners, feel free to understand what you like. 

p. has been the best art I've starred in: it was but a personal satisfaction and I didn't want to say that its fairy lines are less joyful than a couple of arts I'm delving in at the moment. Of course I couldn't help but think that a man AND a woman were the bloody incarnation of bloody p. They were its bodily evidence - and p. is an honourable manner...

1° agosto 2018
The doe, yesterday, the real doe, the female fallow deer, yesterday - with the new notes I try to make this morning. OK, I can't grasp everything. The doe is not a rare animal, you know, but names can be grievous - and their beauty too.
Light and limelight are necessary to fathom such a thing. 

31 luglio 2018
Pimping over and over, after Dogville and so many memories and dreams. I made some music again. I think I want this stuff to be classical, barbarous and worth listening to. All of a sudden, there is an extra: the limelight.

30 luglio 2018
I'm pimping an undertone work, because the old bloody Autumn is coming. 
All of a sudden I'm taking the trouble to grasp the complete meaning of my huff. 
I've watched again Dogville: that's why I can't sleep easy. My favourite keystones are fervently calling. But somebody talks about pussies and cocks and asses. I'm tired and people are always so talkative.

25 luglio 2018
Let's see: I saw a saint with her deafblind dog; an all-cock man, maybe a libertine; there was a sweet pale maiden; a lonely woman from Chile who said I'm such a cool actor and wanted me to take a picture with her; there was the talented singer - a nice girl - and the 47 years old Swedish cinephile. And there was also the daughter of a Russian director. I was there with my fucking delicate hiccup. I didn't want the others to hear this, to know that I loved them. So what? My fucking hiccup becomes a very cry, at home. Blessure. Blessing. Wounds of Women, wounds of Men, wounds of tiny Dogs. That's why I'm improving my forbidden zone. That's why I improvise. I act and that's all, folks.

24 luglio 2018
Noise makes me sick. I don't want to go round the bend.

Let's talk about the specimen: a rifle or a trifle? My work is not a trifle to trifle with. And thus most of my countrymen do not understand these jottings. It's only English but I like it. That's why I jot my idle threats on a bright screen: "You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before?". This is not me, of course. By the way: I like it.

21-22 luglio 2018
These are but impromptu specks of English, in order to lighten the mood.

The keystones are "as numerous as the stars". Eliane Radigue. Such stars are uncountable. Pierre Henry. Am I sane? Pauline Oliveros. The sane is gambler. Derek Bailey. Cecil Taylor, or The complete pregnancy. Amelia Rosselli, the perfect one. Lorenzo Calogero. Artaud. A one-off chance. Emily Dickinson. John Berryman. The unsheltered shelter. Giacinto Scelsi. The complete works are not grey in the shadows.

It's about the so-called burden. OK: disavowing the native language is helpful. Let's share an odd thing: some animals have male pregnancy. Can they get gigantic? Do we know them? Who are they? The sweet seahorses, e.g. 
I'm working hard and doing the utmost, every day. Maybe I'm pregnant. LOL.
These are but impromptu specks of English, in order to lighten the mood.

Forget about it. There always will be something about keystones and shelters. Keep calm. A reliable language is here, right now: a shelter for werevolves, aliens, vampyres, loners. 

These are but impromptu specks of English, in order to lighten the mood.

20 luglio 2018
Petrarch's birthday, of course. But I would prefer to listen to the old paranoid lion, the worst man at the worst place at the right time: "Two books have greatly interested me in recent times: The Life of Jesus Christ by G. Ricciotti and Giacomo Leopardi by Saponaro. Leopardi was also in a sense crucified!". This writer was a dictator, of course. Feel free to discern whether he was Mussolini or another one. All scat is grey in the dark, isn't it?

My homeland was my distinguished cradle. Now it disappoints me. It always shows a leaden talent for such things. It takes an empty man -"The memory of me and my destiny will be erased in a few years and will be completely extinguished soon after" - to dog Giacomo Leopardi. When the burden is laid down, Leopardi serves as a severe whip. You nearly achieve perfection if he beats you up.

19 luglio 2018
Beatitude itself opened its mouth, that's why I can make music. There is no privilege, but audacity. And Audacity.
"When a man finds the good he cannot easily part from it insofar as it is good": Meister Eckhart. Another loner says that "When the lover is united to the beloved he rests there. When the burden is laid down it finds rest there". Ecstasy is not in the slaughterhouses.

18 luglio 2018
This language is the complete one, though. I know it's spoken in a town of plenty.
The itch to act is always in my mind. 

This is the evidence to long for. People don't want the Being Beauteous, they don't read Rimbaud, they want you, and you, and you, always. They think that beauty and being are a very body. This bloody body is you, OK? Now you're their Being, for a while. If bogans think you're a body, do not disappoint them. Don't hit the road or you're a fucking bastard: they won't forgive you.

17 luglio 2018
Just feeling the itch to move, to slap, to hate again. No bodily violence, of course. The slap I'm talking about is a simple hint. A neigh? A sound. A bark? A word is a prick.
Just looking forward to the pearly moment of a glance at that moment.
Portrait of the hedhehog as an author. It and its herd broke up: now, it's a pure libertine, without libidinous mayhem. It would be a waste of time. The subject, the living first term, is alone and antic. It's hair-trigger since birth.

16 luglio 2018
Chutzpah is real. Chutzpah is a behaviour in human reality. 
Friends, Romans, countrymen, bonkers guys, blond haired readers, holy Genoese bourgeoisie, patriots, former partners, reality does exist. It wants my flesh, for example: after a 20 km walk reality knows if you're stern. We must be more than uncensored language. Language is but a glorious glare: words are bright, but reality wants you to pay a different attention to bodily evidence.

I know I'm always looking for a woody space, not a woody speech. This space has four sides: the wood, the desk, the mountain, the stage. 

The value of bodily virtue is gorgeous. 
The control of bodily lines is gorgeous, too.

14 luglio 2018
Saint-John Perse will be one of the next contenders. Yes, an agon is always on the table.
I listen to Paula Meehan's poetry. I try to understand lullabies and odd jokes; high quotations and icy imperatives. It's my job.
All of a sudden it rains. The offhand style is rimed with hot water and lovely smoke.

13 luglio 2018
Everything but the eerie cicadas. These sweet colleagues are not at home. They are engaged at the moment. They are singing.
A new odd experiment with electronic music. OK. Saturday wave wants to be a real pleasure. I like it. I'll share it.
Well, my offhand oeuvre builds and builds. Two months. No pain, no sorrow, no lapse of memory, no ache, no more addiction. That's right.
I met a man yesterday. He said: "What about your ideas? What is freedom, in your opinion?". I have no humble opinions. Well, you won't see a weather-beaten guy here. I'm not a fucking weathercock, a discreete cock. 
An unplugged ENOUGH is forthcoming. Disavowing, again.

Guys, what about cicadas?

11-12 luglio 2018
Hustle and daily practice. Disavowing. The huge storytelling is definite. I must improve it. 
DISAVOWING the rest.
Everything but slavery. A good Dharma, now. The author must flourish it, like a flag. The right inner insight in the right place. The right job. A good inside must cherish the memo. Notes and notes: spoken words and quavers. The favourite colour is blue, isn't it? Or red. Yes, red.
DISAVOWING the rest.
Let's nickname the practitioner: he's Mr Hedge Hog, aka G. Roove. 
DISAVOWING the rest.
He's neither the welcome mat of normality nor its employee. One day, he thought that his very language was a tiny cage or a local custom. He invoked a supranational Imperium and a more honourable rule of engagement. He disavows the odd love he was involved in. He disavows the language he was so fond of. 
DISAVOWING the rest.

Now listen to Keith Jarrett in Kyoto. 
This is but the first step in planning: do you understand to what degree identity haunts psychology? Flourish your own product. DISAVOWING the bloody rest.

11 luglio 2018
Do you really know a suburb? It is to be kind. 

What about the cute hedgehog? Take it as an example of cute endurance. Let's imagine a wordless stuff: it could be a photo story against ghettoisation or a series of ugly video-jottings. The tiny delicate mammal will star in our loitering oeuvre. 

The musical endeavour goes on and work is always ammo. I said it yesterday. I discover the inhanced practice of a complete justice: the hedgehog. Its family name shall be a well-deserved moniker: Mr Author, The Bar God and All the Rest, aka The Hedgehog.

10 luglio 2018
Work is ammo, isn't it?
Get your groove on. Flourish your own product. Just prod it. You were the shy guy, a long time ago, but now you must reckon you're a reliable fucking engine: a brain with its skillful struggle. You yourself are the huge open minded tool you were looking for. Awful. 
Feel free to become a multipurpose brain brand: but you can't buy class.